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Versatile, low cost elastomeric isolators protect against shock and vibration and reduce structure borne noise. Barry Ring & Bushing isolators consist of an elastomeric ring and elastomeric bushing and are designed to be directly incorporated into the structural components of the equipment to be mounted. Any number of these isolators can be installed in parallel for greater load capacity and may be stacked in series when greater deflection capacity is required.

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0 - 350


Natural Rubber


All parts weight less than 1 oz. / WB6 = 3.37 oz.


  • Office Machines
  • Motors
  • Fans & Blowers
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Electronics Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment


  • Highly efficient noise reduction
  • Absorb vibration and shock perpendicular
    to mounting axis
  • WB4 bushings have radial fingers on one surface only to act as rebound (shock absorbing) members


  • Can be installed in parallel or series for greater load capacity
  • Ribbed protrusions act as load bearing members
  • Available in four stiffnesses (-030, -040, -050 and -060)
  • Designed for base mounting

Load Range

  • WR1/WB1 = 4 load ratings to 12 lbs. per isolator
  • WR3/WB3 = 4 load ratings to 35 lbs. per isolator
  • WR4/WB4 = 4 load ratings to 75 lbs. per isolator
  • WR6/WB6 = 4 load ratings to 350 lbs. per isolator

Environmental Data

• Natural rubber elastomer is compatible with most industrial and commercial environments and has an operating temperature range of -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C).

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  • Durometer/Stiffness
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