Cup Style Mounts


Low-frequency, highly damped mounts for a high level of vibration isolation. Barry L-Mounts increase equipment reliability and extend component-life by providing isolation for frequencies as low as 10 Hertz and exhibiting low trans- missibility at resonance (below 2.5) with .060" double amplitude vibratory input.

Downloads: L-Mount | Load Ranges | Performance: L21, L22, L44, L64  (PDF Reader required)

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7-10 Hertz

0 - 40


Friction damped spring


L21=0.031lbs; L22=0.031lbs.


  • Avionic equipment in propeller driven aircraft
  • Sensitive instrumentation and medical equipment
  • Stationary applications where cost effective, low frequency isolation is required


  • Isolation performance maintained in attitudes up to 10º from the horizontal
  • Low ratio of horizontal and vertical stiffness which holds transmissibility in rocking modes to unusually low magnitudes
  • Meets safety requirements of MIL-E-5400 (30G 11ms half sine pulse)


  • Marking of mounts with military designations available on special order
  • Aluminum construction
  • Axial to radial stiffness of 4:1
  • For base mounting only
  • Fail safe construction

Load Range

  • L21/L22 = 7 load ranges from .35 - 4 lbs. per mount
  • L44 = 7 load ratings from .25 - 10 lbs. per mount
  • L64 = 7 load ratings from 2.0 - 40 lbs. per mount

Environmental Data

  • Operating temperature ranges of -67ºF to +250ºF (-55ºC to +120ºC).
  • Meets vibration and shock requirements of MIL-C-172C.
  • L44 and L64 isolators are known as "MS" (Military Standard) mounts and appear on QPL's.

Special Options Available with Quote Request:

  • Elastomers
  • Metals 
  • Metal Paint/Finish
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Marking
  • Packaging