Designs that provide protection for sophisticated and sensitive electronics, sonar systems, guidance systems, fire control systems, targeting systems, optics systems and other payloads from extreme operational dynamics, launches, maneuvers, close proximity ballistic hits and countermeasures. Stock and custom designs to meet environmental requirements of Mil Specs such as Mil-Std-901 and Mil-Std-167.

• Guidance System Mounts • IMU Mounts
• IR Seeker Mounts • Radar Mounts
• Propulsion System Mounts • Sonar System Mounts
• Through-hull Dynamic Seals • Articulated Bearings
• Floating-Floor/Deck Systems • Active Systems
• Exhaust System Mounts • HVAC System Mounts
• Transformer Mounts • Desalination Equipment Mounts
• Fan Mounts • Pump Mounts
• Compressor Mounts • Torpedo and Missile Launch System Mounts

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