About Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry, Inc.

Hutchinson (Formerly Barry Controls) was founded in 1943 to solve shock and vibration problems for the US Military. Ervin “Pete” Pietz from MIT was responsible for the development of the Cup Mount for the US Navy and subsequently founded Barry Controls. Hutchinson's design is so well known and effective, that it has been copied by virtually every shock and vibration isolator manufacturer worldwide. Since that time, Hutchinson has been a world leader in development of unique and custom solutions for shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems.

In 2000 Barry Controls was acquired in its entirety by Hutchinson Worldwide, a consumer products company that is part of the immense Total Petrochemical conglomerate and it is the largest non-automotive tire elastomer products manufacturer in the world. By this merger, Barry Controls merged its experience with Vibrachoc, Techlam, Stop-choc and Paulstra to create the industrial and defense anti-vibration division of Hutchinson.

In 2013 all the Hutchinson groups united a single brand. The goal? To raise our profile among our customers and create unity among our diverse teams. Coming together under a single brand enables us to have greater external visibility and greater internal consistency. Thus, we are continuing a stronger global communication policy in relation to our customers.