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Hutchinson works in close collaboration with the major players in the aerospace industry. Hutchinson is present in every part of the aerospace market, from long- and medium-haul to regional and business jets, fighter jets, troop transport planes, and helicopters. Our strategic approach, which focuses firmly on our customers' needs, is constantly adapted to a market that demands high levels of performance and encompasses all Hutchinson technologies (vibration, shock and sealing systems)



Hutchinsons' first mount design was made at the request of the US Navy in the 1940's. The resultant Barry Cup Mount design, known generically as 'Barry Mounts', was, and still is, so successful that it is now the most widely copied mount by our competitors worldwide. Since then, Hutchinson has continued to service those markets with innovative technologies and corporate focus.



Battlefield and military equipment long term storage requirements are some of the most demanding found in any industry and as such a greater range of specialized platforms and systems are used to satisfy those requirements. Hutchinson takes seriously our responsibility in providing dependable solutions to the manufacturers and end user, the warfighter, of those platforms.



Commercial marine applications for workboats and pleasure craft differ in specification and performance requirements. Mechanical vibration isolation as well as stuctureborne noise attenuation solutions have been provided by Hutchinson to major hull and engine manufacturers of all classes of ships, boats and engines and propulsion systems.



Industrial, construction and material handling equipment require robust, high performance mountings, bushings and flexible joints. Hutchinson is a leader in providing solutions for this equipment using easy to install and maintain designs all the while keeping in mind the cost competitive nature of the equipment.



Ground Transportation vehicle types each possess unique operating environments with specific and passenger comfort and operator safety concerns. Select your vehicle type to discover what products Hutchinson has available or can design for you.